Rheumatoide arthritis cortison dosis reduzieren

While early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can actually be mimicked by other diseases, the symptoms are very characteristic of rheumatoid disease.Maintenance (during remission): 15 mg/m2 IM or orally twice a week.Treatment in all stages usually consists of several courses of the drug interposed with 7 to 10 day rest periods.If this dose is not adequate to achieve a peak serum concentration of 1000 micromolar at the end of the infusion, the dose may be increased to 15 g/m2. Induction: 3.3 mg/m2/day orally or IM (in combination with prednisone 60 mg/m2).The immune system contains a complex organization of cells and antibodies designed normally to "seek and destroy" invaders of the body, particularly infections.Because it can affect multiple other organs of the body, rheumatoid arthritis is referred to as a systemic illness and is sometimes called rheumatoid disease.For Burkitt's tumor in Stages I-II: 10 to 25 mg orally once a day for 4 to 8 days Malignant lymphoma in Stage III: 0.625 to 2.5 mg/kg orally daily as a part of combination chemotherapy.Alternate remission dosing: 2.5 mg/kg IV every 14 days. Repeat courses 3 to 5 times with a rest period of greater than or equal to 1 week between courses, until any manifesting toxic symptoms subside.Treatments may occur at 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, 16, 29, 30, 44, and 45 weeks after surgery.2.5 to 10 mg PO daily or 50 mg IM once a week or 25 mg IM twice a week.Patients with autoimmune diseases have antibodies and immune cells in their blood that target their own body tissues, where they can be associated with inflammation.Autoimmune diseases are illnesses that occur when the body's tissues are mistakenly attacked by their own immune system.