Osteochondrosis tibial tubercle medialization

Medical questions should go into the sections below. Moderators: The KNEEguru, ACIMod Spiritual help and encouragement General words of encouragement can go a long way.Measurement landmarks were the line tangent to the posterior femoral condyles, the deepest point of the trochlea, the transepicondylar line, and the patellar tendon center.All measurements were recorded once by 1 examiner, and the measurements were recorded twice by 2 examiners in a random group of 100 knees.Everyone on this site will appreciate help with coping with pain and disability. Moderators: The KNEEguru, ACIMod Marketplace Finished with a useful piece of equipment? Please use a new thread for each item and mark clearly when it has been passed on to its new owner.Clinical Relevance: PT-TG angle measurements show high reliability and association with patellar instability and can aid in the assessment of extensor mechanism malalignment.Results: The measurements from the patellar instability and control groups, respectively, for angle 1 (16.4° and 8.4°), angle 2 (31° and 15.6°), angle 3 (30.8° and 15.7°), PT-TG distance (14.5 and 8.4 mm), and patellar tilt (21.1° and 7.5°) were significantly different ( Conclusion: The PT-TG angle and the PT-TG distance are reliable and are different between the patellar instability and control groups.Normality cutoff values were defined as 2 and 3 SDs above the mean in the control group.

Post the full story with the first post - how it started, what symptoms, what you were told, what examinations and tests, what surgery, what type of rehab.Moderators: The KNEEguru, ACIMod NOTES - Your success stories If you feel your knee problem has been successfully managed, let us hear about it.Only post here if you want to know something about how the board works. The KNEEguru may move it later to a more relevant section if necessary.Mean values and standard deviations (SDs) were obtained.Inter- and intrarater reliability were assessed based on the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC).