Hallux valgus giannini 2014

Methods The present review sourced literature from database searches of Pub Med and Embase using the Medical Subject Headings (Me SH) terms ‘hallux valgus’, ‘postoperative rehabilitation’, ‘surgical procedures’ using the Boolean operator AND; The Cochrane Library using the Me SH terms ‘hallux valgus’, ‘postoperative rehabilitation’ with the Boolean operator AND; and PEDro using the Me SH term ‘hallux valgus’.Postoperative rehabilitation is mainly oriented to encourage both plantar pressure on the first ray and joint mobility.The main purpose of this study is to review the literature concerning rehabilitation treatment following hallux valgus surgery.(Table 1) The search was performed between October of 2010 and November of 2010 with no limits on the date setting.Hallux valgus deformity (HVD) is a common condition [1-12] and several surgical treatments are discussed in literature.[13-19] A study of the prevalence of forefoot and hallux valgus surgery in Sweden found that hallux valgus was by far the most common forefoot surgery and that it was performed more in urban than rural regions, and in private clinics than in community hospitals.Conclusion: Postoperative rehabilitation timeframe may vary depending on the surgical technique and can be performed in an outpatient setting.Study design, patients, outcome measures, and the main results were extracted.Background: Hallux valgus deformity is a common condition and several surgical treatments are discussed in the literature.It also represents an important component of recovery following the correction of hallux valgus deviation, where it helps to restore physiological gait and foot function.Results: The initial search identified ninety-four citations, and of those, eighty-five were excluded because they were related to surgical techniques, including percutaneous access and/or different osteotomy modalities, to radiological evaluations before and after the correction to describe the deformity, to surgical complications or to anesthesia management.The Me SH terms were different for each database to allow the author to obtain the greatest number of citations.