Hallux valgus akin osteotomy orthobullets

If you have a severe deformity or extensive arthritis in the affected joint, a Chevron osteotomy may not be the correct procedure for you.An orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon can determine which procedure may be right for you.It also often creates a bump at the base of the big toe.While bunion surgery may improve the cosmetic appearance of the foot, it should never be performed primarily for this reason.The surgery consists of realignment of the bones, soft tissue procedures and/or joint fusions.This procedure may also be performed in conjunction with soft tissue tightening or loosening around the joint.You should also avoid surgery if you have an active infection, poor blood flow or uncontrolled diabetes.This procedure should not be performed so someone can wear fashionable shoes, as this may cause the bunion to come back.A Chevron osteotomy is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning patients generally go home a few hours after surgery.This osteotomy is mostly performed for mild to moderate bunion deformity.Bunion surgery should not be performed if the bunions are painless and do not cause problems.