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Ramesh Babu Assistant Professor2 Preface In the era of globalization, communication plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any organization; hence the need to impart communication skills to undergraduate student assumed greate r importance. Sc (Ag.) Students in English Specific Objectivesa) Theory By the end of the course the B. Style in Report Writing1 hr Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture16. Interviews, Idiomatic language1 hr1 hr Chalk Board and Public address system Chalk Board and Window Transparency Public Address system2,562,5PRACTICALS Lec. It is the most violently combative sports, football and boxing, that have spread the widest. Just see how the main meaning is lost in the deluge of words of the following sentences. To keep monotony at bay, these expressions can be changed as follows: · It may be pointed out.... The visual aids that are commonly used may be divided into two categories. The letters should clearly stand out and be bold enough for the audience to see. Functional Grammar, Articles, Prepositions, Parts of Speech and Agreement of verb with subject13. ·· · · · · · ·Nearly all the sports practiced nowadays are competitive. Make use of the list given above and words like relaxing. a) playing cards b) digging in the garden c) mountain-climbing d) washing dishes e) weight-lifting languages f) wrestling j) rowing g) shopping h) gymnastics i) learningk) visiting relatives Now give o reason for each of the activities/sports that you like/dislike. Can you make use of your experience gained __________ blah-blahing __________ selling things? the subject of hope is the same as the `subject' of win.)Answer the questions, using a an infinitive phrase as the direct object. Organized sports then started gaining momentum and flourished in the Urban Communities also. A man would become quite irritated and frustrated if he cannot write or speak to his kith and kin for a long time. The expectation is that as responsible professionals the members of the group would ensure the smooth flow of interaction and ultimately arrive at an agreed solution or strategy purpose for which the discussion was organized. ENGL-101A TEXT BOOK FOR THE STUDENTS OF FIRST YEAR B. Shravan Kumar Associate Professor & University Head Ms. To impart oral communication skills chapters on Seminars, Conferences, Group Discussion, Meetings, Interviews, Telephonic Conversations Etc., are included. Yellamanda Reddy Dean of Agriculture3 LECTURE OUTLINES1. Comprehension pertaining to the Textual Grammar i.e., Fill in the blanks, Matching and vocabulary 2. War Minus Shooting, A lesson from Text Book, " The Sporting Spirit" Reading Comprehension and answering the questions related to the text Synonyms, List of synonyms, Choose the correct synonyms, exercises ­ practice and implementation Antonyms, fill in the blanks, choose the correct Antonyms, exercises Practice and Implementation 4. Meeting, purpose, procedure, participation, physical arrangements Presentation of reports by using power point & L. D Interviews ­ Mock interviews Debate and Group discussion Using a dictionary effectively Vocabulary Pronunciation practice References Balasubramanian T. A Text book of Phonetics for Indian Students, Orient Longman , New Delhi Balasubrmanyam M. Business Communication, Vani Educational Books, New Delhi Jean Naterop, B. Telephoning in English Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Krishna Mohan and Meera Banerjee 1990. In a rustic community a boy or young man works off a good deal of his surplus energy by walking, swimming, snowballing, climbing trees, riding horses, and by various sports involving cruelty to animals, such as fishing, cook-fighting and ferreting for rats. 19 War Minus Shooting Notes George Orwell expresses his views on competitive sports in the lesson War Minus Shooting, which also appeared as an article in Tribune in December 1945. For example, if you use same expression such as the one given below, in quick succession, your presentation would become dull and monotonous. Your Choice should be taken into account the following factors: · Your familiarity with the aid; · Size of the audience; · Seating arrangement; · Nature of the material to be presented through the aids, and · Above all, facilities available at the presentation venue. COMMUNICATION SKILLSIntroduction: Communication is the major of language. All living creatures have developed their own means of communication. · `You are never fully dressed unless you wear a smile' ­ Anonymous · `A flame should be lighted at the commencement and kept alive with unremitting splendor till the end ­ Michael Farady12. Homophones, A list of homophones, Fill in the blanks, Underline the correct word and exercises related to GRE & TOEFL9. Fill in the blanks, Matching, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension10. Communication skills ­ Verbal communication, written communication Telephonic conversation Reading Skills, Skimming, Scanning, Extensive reading, Intensive reading examples 10. Still you do make things worse by sending forth a team of eleven men, labeled as national champions, to do battle against some rival team and allowing it to be felt on all sides that whichever nation is defeated will `lose face'.15 2. Do you take pleasure __________ bringing people together? It was later felt that some type of group activity is essential for the outlet of physical strengthen and sadistic impulses. Speak with the help of note-cards rather than with the help of visuals.6.8 Evaluating oral presentation: To evaluate quality presentation made by the officer, you have to keep in mind the various factors that make a presentation effective. In this way, speech and of jestures coordinate to give meaning to human thought. Since GD, today, is regarded important in the professional as well as the academic world, you should seize every opportunity to participate in a group discussion and try to imbibe the required skills and qualities. Homonyms, Homonyms are distinct words with quite different meaningsuse the following words in two ways , more words at a glance and exercises related to GRE & TOEFL8. I do not, of course, suggest that sport is one of the main causes of international rivalry; bigscale sport is itself I think, merely another effect of causes that have produced nationalism. Can you influence people __________ convincing them? Infinitive Phrases as Direct Objects: Type II Examples: § The coach told us to an attacking game. In such cases, the `subject' of the infinitive is not the same as the subject of the main verb; the subject of told is the coach but the `subject' of play is us which is also the object of told.2.7 Answer the following questions, using the verb + object + to = verb. Arnold, the founder of the Modern Public School, viewed games as a more waste of time. · Stop talking about the mater on a visual when it has been put aside.98 · ·Maintain eye contact with audience. These include vocal symbols, body movements as also facial expressions. GROUP DISCUSSIONIntroduction: You may be aware that the suitability of a candidates through a three-phased process, of which GD is an important component; the other two being the written test and personal interview. Instead of blah-blahing about a clean healthy rivalry on the football field and the great part played by the Olympic Games in bringing the nations together, it is more useful to inquire how and why this modern cult of sport arose. Much like slang, it can develop as a kind of short-hand, to express ideas that are frequently discussed between members of a group, though it can also be developed deliberately using chosen terms. Complete these two conversations with sentences from the list below. In this arrangement at least the chairman should seat himself at a position from where he can face everyone directly as shown in Figure: For small group 10 1 2 3 4 5 9 8 7 6The chairman at (1) or (6) Fig> 2: Seating arrangement for a large group. Circulate agenda among members to prepare for meeting 7. PRESENTATION OF REPORTS BY POWER POINT AND LCDPower Point Presentation: Let us take an example. He decided to use Power point, which, as you may be aware, is an important presentation. Right side 10% Use A for writing those points that are going to stay throughout your presentation. The Style, Importance of Professional Writing, Choice of words and phrases , Cliches, Jargons, Foreign words and phrases15. Even a leisurely game like cricket, demanding grace rather than strength, can cause much ill-will. What is the difference between `sporting' and `sportive'? (There are more than ten.) Do you regard the following as sports? Chess, dancing, monopoly, knitting, fishing, cooking, bird-watching, motor -racing, gardening, shooting.· · · ·What are the differences between sports and hobbies? Example: I like washing dishes because it is relaxing. (Some are to be used more than once.) · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Are you good __________ organizing? Countries like Rome, Byzantium, London, New York, games were taken seriously. Official communication is carried out through letters, telephone fax, e -mail and computers. To keep the discussion on the track it may be worthwhile for a participant to summarize the points made till that time and then to present his view point. Functional Grammar, Tenses, Active voice and Passive voice, Direct and Indirect speech and Agreement of verb with subject12. If you agree, give reasons; if you don't, state the reasons. Martial arts Parachuting Dancing Boxing Ping-pong Jogging · gives a great sense of rhythm builds up stamina gives moderate exercise and helps mobility teaches self-discipline and self-defense develops a sense of awe and mental peace develops muscular strength Say whether you like or dislike each one of the activities/sports that you like/dislike. Are you capable __________ attracting crowds __________ blah ­ blahing? (If you have answered all the questions with yes, call us today! 868084.) 2.6 GRAMMER GUIDE Infinitive Phrases as Direct Objects: Type I Examples: They hope to win the game. (In such cases, the `subject' of the infinitive is the same as the subject of the main verb, e.g. Then chiefly in England and in United States games were built up into a heavily financial activity and attracte d the crows by rousing savage passions and this infection spreaded country to country. In the middle ages they were played with much physical brutality and were not mixed up with politics nor a cause of group hatreds. 1- Poor 2 ­ Average 3- Good 4-Very Good 5- Excellent a. A p erson shares his sorrows, happiness, moments of excitement and grief with some one through communication only. Researchers indicate that if the number of persons in a group is kept between five to nine, fruitful discussions can take place. As the discussion proceeds, one of the participants may emerge as a leader. A Dilemma ­ A layman looks at Science, Reading Comprehension and answering the questions4 7. If you wanted to add to the vast f ound or ill-will existing in the world at this moment, you could hardly do it better than by a series of football matches between Jews and Arabs, Germans and Czechs, India ns and British, Russians and Poels, and Italians and Yugoslavs, each match to be watched by a mixed audience of 100,000 spectators. The posh and the elite never gave any importance to games Dr. For effective presentation of matter in illustration keep in mind the following points: Display the matter in such a manner that the entire audience can easily view it · Do not block the view of the listeners by standing in front of the display screen · Talk about the points on the visual when it is displayed. He is able to exploit a variety of techniques for the purpose of communication. In this practical class various interviews types may also be practiced for the benefit of the students.119 13. Precis Writing, Summarizing, The essential features of a good précis, Important points while making a précis, Some Don' ts, Make a précis of the following paragraph and suggest suitable title. Interview, The Screening Interview, The informational Interview, The Directive Style, The Meandering Style, The Stress Interview, The Behavioural Interview, The Audition, The Tag-Team Interview, The Mealtime Interview, The Follow -up Interview, Fermi Interview, Preparing for the Interview, Body Language and Interview, Types of Interviews Questions. In countries like India and Burma, it is necessary at football matches to have strong cordons of polic e to keep the crowd from invading the field. · a) Complete with be, camp, do, drive, eat, get, go, lose, make, meet, spend, stay, watch, wear. New sports namely walking, swimming, snowballing, climbing and finding houses made inroads in different parts of the world. About 70 to 80 percent of the total working time of a professiona l is spent on communication. The success of communication is measured in terms of not only the effective transmission of the message but also the achievement of the intended result. Occasionally when the group discussion takes place some persons may be invented as observers. COMPREHENSION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH COURSE NO. Précis writing, Business Correspondence, Report Writing are major forms of written communication in the professional world where as the chapters on Verbal Ability, Functional Grammar and Usage are intended to help the student to take care of the mechanics of writing, which enhance the effectiveness of written communication. War Minus Shooting, A lesson from the Text Book, " The Sporting Spirit" by George Orwell. Also, organized games are more likely to flourish in urban communities where the average human being lives a sedentary or at least a confined life, and does not get much opportunity for creative labour. It can be summarized in two short sentences, namely. It is yet to be examined by the Director.97 If the sentences are short, the listeners feel more comfortable. · Unprojected aids, such as blackboard, whiteboard, etc. Style of concluding presentation 1 2 3 4 5 Total_____________________________ Remarks (if any) Signature of Evaluator99 7. Conclusion: The skills you need to acquire in order to make a spectacular presentation · Pronunciation: Ability to produce individuals sounds of English, to put stress on the right syllables, to use proper intonation patterns and to pause at appropriate places. Presentation of reports by using power point and LCD 29. interviews2 hr 30 mts Demonstration LCD projector2,52 hr 30 mts 2 hr 30 mts31. Using Dictionary Reading Dialogue2 hr 30 mts Interactive lecture Practice of Mock interviews Interactive & Role play Interactive & Role play and Dictionary Public address system Public address system Public address system & Chalk Board Chalk Board2,5 2,52,5,62 hr 30 mts9 CONTENTSTHEORY Pages1. Even when the spectators don't interven physically they try to influence the game by e cheering their own side and `rattling'; opposing players with boos and insults. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sa distic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting. " In other words, the term most often covers the language used by people who work in a particular area or who have a common interest. B.1.......................................................................................................................................... The round table is not commonly available and often the members have to sit at a rectangular table. Close the meeting on a pleasant note indicating the future course of action.114 11. N Kashiwal had to make an oral presentation before a group of about 50 teachers and research scholars from reputed universities. Sc (Ag.)DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ACHARYA N. RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY RAJENDRANAGA, HYDERABAD ­ 500 030. I hope finally the exercises at the end of chapter will serve a useful purpose in developing the spoken English and the communicative skills of professional students, in view of all the scientific and technical advancement of the universe is being documented in English only. Verbal Ability, A list of Words often confused and misused ­ Practice and Implementation 5. Developing Communication Skills, Macmillan India Ltd. In a big town one must indulge in group activities if one wants an outlet for one's physical strength or for one's sadistic impulse. He says that, in good olden days that is dur ing Roman Times and in 19th century sports were not taken seriously. In preparing the illustrations, bear the following points in mind. These means include the use of vocal noises, facial expressions or even body movements. INTERVIEWSThe study material with regard to this topic has already been given in this book (Page No. Strengthen your writing, Orient Longman, New Delhi Sharma R C and Krishna Mohan 1978. Topic/Lesson War Minus Shooting Comprehension War Minus Shooting, Reading Comprehens ion Synonyms, Antonyms Words often confused A Dilemma ­ A layman looks at Science reading Comprehension A Dilemma ­ A layman looks at Science Reading Comprehension Homonyms, GRE & TOEFEL exercise Homophones Time 1 hr 1 hr Teaching method Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Teaching aid Chalk Board & Tape Recorder Chalk Board & Tape Recorder Hand written Transparency Typed Transparency Public address system reference 1 14. 6.1 hr 1 hr 1 hr2,5 2,5 17.1 hr Interactive lecture Chalk Board & Public address system Chalk Boar d & Strip Transparency Chalk Board & Strip Transparency Chalk Board & Public address system Chalk Board & Public address system Chalk Board & Pull Transparency Chalk Board & 1 Single flap double projection Transparency Chalk Board18.1 hr Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture Interactive lecture2,59.1 hr2,510. Functional Grammar Agreement of verb with subject1 hr11 hr 1 hr1 2,51 hr2,514. Seminars and Conferences Time 2 hr 30 mts 2 hr 30 mts2 hr 30 mts Teaching method Practice in listening Listening to Spoken English Cassettes Interactive lecture Teaching aid Tape Recorder Tape Recorder Reference 7 420. Even in the English public schools the games cult did not start till the later parts of the last century. Arnold, generally regarded as 14 the founder of the modern public school, looked on games as simply a waste of time. As an example, the words RAM , bit, byte, CPU, and hexadecimal are jargon terms related to computing. A few examples follow: · To explain this concept let us take an example · Having said that, I proceed now to another significant point · You can draw your own conclusions on the basis of supporting evidence which I am going to present now. The room should have privacy and it should be well ventilated and have arrangements for lights and provision of facilities such as blackboard, display of diagrams, charts, maps, etc.113 Ten Rules for a successful Meeting 1. For the presentation, the following slides were prepared by Prof. Slide 1 Role of Effective Communication In Classroom Management By Dr. Slide 11 Conclusion · · · · · · Communication, an integral part of teaching Transmitter of values Mark of culture and education Motto: Educate and elevate Not merely teach and test11.1 Use of blackboard and whiteboard There may, hover ever, be situations in which you may have to use a blackboard or a whiteboard as an aid to presentation. Rub it off as soon as you move to another point or sub ­ topic.

COMPREHENSION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISHA TEXT BOOK FOR THE COURSE NO. I appreciate the sincere efforts of the authors in bringing out this Text book. A Dilemma ­ A lesson from the Text Book, Layman looks at Science by Raymond Fosdick Comprehension pertaining to the Textual Grammar i.e., Fill in the blanks, Matching, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension 6. Games are taken seriously in London and New York, and they were taken seriously in Rome and Byzantium: in the Middle Ages they were played, and probably played with much physical brutality, but they were not mixed up with politics nor a cause of group hastreds. Some games like fishing, cockfighting and ferrying of rats did exist lo ng ago, but they were unorganized and were meant only for the rustic communities. · Show the matter neatly · Do not clutter the illustration with unnecessary information · Highlight the key words/phrases by using different colours · Number each illustration · Give a heading to each illustration. Man is the only living creature with highly developed and systematic means of communication. to ) hence the teacher is requested to conduct Mock Interviews in theclass to impart training to the students. This Text Book has been designed under different units to improve standards in performing the communicative tasks. Sc (Ag) students will be able to i) understand the basic concepts of comprehension ii) understand the fundame ntals of grammar iii) enhance their vocabulary iv) improve their skills in written communication b) Practical By the end of the course, the B. (Ag) students will be able to i) have a clear concept of communication skills in English by using AV aids in spoken English ii) improve their reading skills iii) present the reports orally and participate in debates and Groups Discussions A) Theory Lecture Outlines 1. There cannot be much doubt that the whole thing is bound up with the rise of nationalism-that is, with the lunatic modern habit of identifying oneself with large power units and seeing everything in terms of competitive prestige. Example: The proposal about which I have just spoken, was submitted by us about a fortnight ago but it is yet to be examined by the new Director who, as you know, our company last week after having served the National Steel Corporation which had started functioning about 10 years ago with headquarters at Paro, a small town in Orissa. · Projected aids, such as overhead projector, LCD, Video, TV-VCR, Computer system. Use only standard abbreviations and short forms If you want to highlight any matter, use coloured chalk/marker of a different colour for the purpose Keep speaking the words and sentences as you write them Avoid speaking to the board. Course titles Credit hours General objective : : : : ENGL 101 COMREHENSION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH 2 (1+1) To develop the comprehension and communication skills of I year B. Business Correspondence, Tata Mc Graw Hill publishing Company, New Delhi6 THEORY Lec. Business correspondence, Personal Correspondence, CV1 hr Interactive lecture37 15. Then, chiefly in England and the United States, games were built up into a heavilyfinanced activity, capable of attracting vast crowds and rousing savage passions, and the infection spread from country to country. 144 secton, IPC, FIR etc related to police and plaintiff, respondet claiment vendor, vendee extra terms related to Advocates and two stages of the office of the sub registrar.6.7 Construction of Sentences: To keep the attention of the audience focused on the meaning, construct short and simple sentences. · You may have observed that so far I have been explaining theoretical concepts, it is time we moved to their application. Convene a meeting when it is essential to consult others. Hold a meeting when the consultations an telephone would not yield the desired result. Use C for writing any key word or highly technical word with which the audience may not be familiar.118 · · · · · ·Decide beforehand the matter you would present on the board Write fast and neatly. Business correspondence, Principles of letter writing, Courtesy and Consideration, Directness and Conciseness, Avoid Verbosity and participial Endings, Clarity and Precision, Negative and round about, Structure and layout of letters , Planning a letter, Quotations, Orders, Tenders, Sales letters, Claim and Adjustment Letters, Job application letters, Social correspondence Personal Correspondence and CV14. International sporting contests lead to orgies of hatred. Make use of ne the list given above and words like relaxing, boring, disgusting, interesting, and exciting. (If you have answered at leas t six questions with YES, proceed further.) 2.5 Fill in the blanks, with for, from, about, in, of, up, by, to, at. 18 · · · · · · ·What do you hope to do after you graduation? The English public schools in the later part of the last century became centers of several important sports. Those residing far away from their associates communicate to their dear ones through letters, one telephone cells and add so on. One advantage of this type of discussion is that there is a self imposed discipline on the discussion and greater responsibility on participants for making it useful. You and Your English, A lesson from the Text Book, Spoken English and Broken English by G. You and Your English, Reading Comprehension and answering the questions11. Effective L istening ­ Developing Listening Skills ­ Honing Listening skills Listening to Short talks and Lectures from the cassettes of EFL University Spoken English, Vowels, consonants, monophthongs, diphtongs, triphthongs Stress, intonation, phonetic tra nscription Seminars, Conferences, preparation and demonstration Oral Presentation by students, Articulation and delivery ­ Evaluation sheet for oral presentation 7. War minus Shooting Comprehension2.1 Given below are some statements from the essay. 2.3 Match the activity/sport with its dominant criterion. Can you prevent others __________ cheating your friends? It is this opinion which brought the existence of a more decent word " Sports". Evaluation sheet for oral presentation Name of the presenter: ______________________________ Date of Presentation : ______________________________ The qualitative meaning of the numbers is as follows. 7.1 Communication Skill: The word communication is derived from the Latin `Communicate' or communico' that means to share. In fact it is as important to us as air, food, clothing and shelter. 13.1 Group Dynamics: The term group discussion is used to refer to a situation in which a small number of persons meet face to face and through free oral interaction among themselves exchange information or attempt to reach a decision on shared problems. Road Muscle Read Heroin Pause Knew Be War Pail For Cite Steal Buy Fair Ail Flour Swat Blew Berth Cannon Rain There Bean Peace Dew Ad Plain Read Knows Pea Loan Clause Clause Rode Mussel Reed Heroine Paws New Bee Wore Pale Fore Sight Steel By Fare Ale Flower Swot Blue Birth Canon Reign Their Been Piece Due Add Plane Red Nose Pee Lone Claws Claws80.