Arthritis natural treatment for dogs

The main reason for any health issue is a poor immune system.These are indigestible and can wreck havoc on the body. In the past, it was a common occurrence as the dog aged, but now it occurs in young dogs, too.Humans typically remove the puppy from the mother at eight weeks of age or less. Whatever your belief in vaccines, the ingredients are toxic chemicals and the effect is to disrupt the delicate and growing immune system.This is to allow the puppy’s immune system to grow naturally and progressively. But add humanity to the mix and all hell breaks loose.Not only is it likely that the fundamental dog’s needs will be overlooked, as most humans have little understanding of how to treat dogs, their diet is unhealthy and non-species-specific.Clearly something is wrong with the health of dogs globally, for this to happen.Illnesses can only occur when the immunity is not responding as it should. So let’s look at the most common causes of arthritis in dogs.

Although there is only one main reason for this, there are multiple causes.The ingredients are poor quality, from inappropriate food that dogs have not evolved on, topped up with synthetic ‘vitamins’ and ‘minerals’ to address the shortfall the manufacturers are so aware of.The individual’s immunity has to learn along the way. Dog mothers, given the chance, will feed their puppies, on a tapering need, for up to, or even beyond, six months of age.No-on can be healthy if they are not getting the appropriate nutrition for their species. Veterinary care has little to offer dogs with arthritis other than the suppression of the symptoms (and so the immune system) with a chemical drug, which leads to more ailments down the track.This way, they will be in natural balance with the other nutrients that are needed for proper utilisation.