Anti aging creme brulee übersetzung

The liqueur itself has the deep, rich taste of coffee and the delightful perfume of vanilla.If you enjoy Borghetti Sport, Kahlúa, or Tia Maria, then Coffee Dog is for you.Creamy and rich, with a hint of cinnamon and a topping of burnt sugar that surrenders to the tip of your spoon, it’s romance in a ramekin. To enter to win a Coffee Dog kit, leave a comment telling me your favorite Valentine’s Day dessert. To caramelize the sugar you can use either a blowtorch, which will yield the best, most professional looking results, or the broiler.Call it a #Giveaway or a contest, I’m always up for giving someone a gift.My first article about Coffee Dog generated so much interest that the good folks at Bulldog Brewery LA asked if I wanted to do another Giveaway, this one to celebrate Valentine’s Day.Use a silicone spatula to mash the espresso powder against the side of the pan to be sure it dissolves completely.Take care not to create a lot of bubbles and foam which will persist through the baking and create an unpleasant, almost sponge-like surface on the custard.